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Our Values


Time is the only resource which is gained if used and lost if it is not used.

The human being

We want to attain performance through the TEAM, that’s why we build relations based on integrity, and professionalism.


We offer innovative solutions in order to transform simple projects into valuable complex artistic creations.

Fulfilled Projects
Milions Square Meters
Total Amount
Milions Euro Projects
Built Projects

Mission & Vision

Our company has the capacity to manage the whole process of founding and functioning of a project, by all phases from the concept until the building, on all departments: urban-planning, architecture, structure, infrastructure and installations.
VEGO consolidates all its efforts in order to offer the best solutions which have as a purpose the realisation of innovative projects, and of great value, respecting the environment, growing and becoming a group of reference in the industry.

We believe in innovation and in the capacity of the human being to develop his potential at the maximum, by creating valuable projects in the people’s use.

Our mission is to develop complex projects with the purpose to improve the life quality, to ensure continuous development, of our employees and to generate value for our clients, partners and stockholders.

Imagine the future. a new dimension

We are planning, drawing, authorizing.
Our labor is passing the test of time.
We are creating the future.

About Us

VEGO offers a new dimension for the urban architecture, using technologies and the latest tools with a conscient approach of energy conservation, during the process of buildings implementation. Starting with vision and innovation, after 19 years of experience in designing and constructions, today we are a trend-setter in new standards in the field, adjusted to urban development strategies also to people’s needs.

Together we design all buildings types: residential, commercial, offices, industrial, urban-planning and special.


We are a big team of architecture specialists, installations, structure and urban-planning, that has the capacity to manage and administrate any kind of project until the tiniest detail.

Rich experience

We have experience in designing organization up to 3.000.000 + square metres, cleared as it follows: 20 commercial centres, 250.000+ square metres of residential buildings and offices; 150.000+ square metres of industrial buildings; 150+ square kilometres studied by urban-planning documents: Zonal Urban Plan, General Urban Plan, PMUD, 14 sustainable development of localities, expertise in designing/rehabilitation istorical monuments, together with our team of urban-planners, we have realised the Zonal Urban Plan for Bucharest’s districts 6 and 4.


In each line of business, we follow and we are determined to offer quality. In order to guarantee you that our services are very important, we invest constantly in training our design department specialists, with state-of-the-art technologies, optimizing constantly all the processes involved in designing and construction.

Low costs of execution

We have a great respect for our time and our client’s time, that’s why we follow attentively the deadlines established at the beginning of the project, without unexpected delays, respecting the execution graphic by an efficient collaboration between specialties and departments.

All the authorizations and the notices requested

We have a competent team in interacting with the majority of institutions givers of authorizations and notices, necessary for the work execution, ready to realize fast, adequate and responsibly all the necessary documents, closely following the whole process of authorization, minimizing the necessary time for obtaining the notices and authorizations.

Virgil Profeanu

The founder of VEGO. Innovative, visionary and an art man, Virgil believes in people, in beauty, but especially in smart and environmentally friendly solutions created for the benefit of the people. He founded VEGO in 2000 and managed to develop the company by gathering around him a team of professionals with whom each of his projects materializes.

Virgil Profeanu believes that “time is the only resource we gain if we use it and we lose it if we don’t.

Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu nr. 6H, et. 9
061344, Sector 6, Bucuresti, Romania
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